At Carmen Fletcher’s Beauty and Medical Clinic, we provide our clients with a range of services,

Skin Corrections

Skin Correction treatments include deep chemical peels and sometimes certain ablative treatments as well. These treatments are specially designed to give you that flawless and glowing skin.

Acne Treatment

Acne is caused by the dirt and oils trapped deep in your skin pores. We treat these by deep pore and tissue cleaning and stimulating blood circulation. We also use antibacterial ingredients like tee tree oil and lavender to soothe irritated skin.

Skin Tightening and Toning

Old age may start showing its signs on your skin and with wrinkled and sagging skin. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We have all the treatments you need to keep those nasty wrinkles at bay and give you that younger, tighter, and healthy-looking skin.

Fat Reduction

With modern technology and advancements in the skincare industry, we now have more and more procedures to reduce that stubborn fat that accumulates on various parts of your face and gives you a bloated and swollen look. We have various non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that will help you achieve that model-like face, and you will never need the help of heavy contouring to show off your face cuts.


The one thing that every woman hates is unwanted body hair. They can be irritating and a mess to deal with but not anymore. With Carmen Fletchers beauty and skincare clinic, you can leave it to us to help you get rid of those unwanted body hairs in quick and painless ways with the help of our professional staff.